“How May I Help You?”

tracy hill without balloon backgroundLooking for a genuinely honest and knowledgeable Realtor®?
Wanting a Realtor® that will have your best interests at heart?

I believe that I AM THAT Realtor® who will best serve you.

Having worked in the industry for over 20 years, I have obtained the experience required to give you outstanding professional service. Because it is about YOU…. YOUR needs… YOUR expectations… YOUR satisfaction!
As your Realtor®, my job is to ensure that the process of buying and selling is handled in an effective manner. Being involved in hundreds of transactions throughout the LOWER MAINLAND, I know the importance of communicating, being flexible and most of all being patient. I am up to date with real estate trends and with these assets, I will get the job done.
  • Whether you are new to buying…
  • Selling your family home for the first time in 30 years…
  • Or you are a seasoned veteran in real estate…

My goal is to ensure that you’re included in the process of your sale, resulting in a stress free transaction. I care about my clients and treat each of their sales as if it was my own.

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    With what spare time I have, I volunteer in my business & community. From the 24 Hour Relay , to real estate related committees, to being a Director on our local Curling Club, I believe in supporting my passions. My down time passion is curling. It is such a fun sport and the team relationship on and off the ice is hard to beat. It is also something I can enjoy with my husband. When not curling, I turn to doing artistic things like photography, crocheting, sewing, decorating... I have an fine arts background and took schooling at VCC Langara College and Capilano College. The outdoors is an important part of my life. Gardening, hiking, camping, travelling are just a few things I love to fill my spare time with. As you can see I love lots of things, finding the time to do them is the challenge!

    As I have been traveling through BC, it has become very apparent to me that it will have to be us to make a difference to our enviroment. Not just for us but for our future generations. Our favorite places have changed so much from when I was a youngster... it is sad and scarey what we will leave for our future generations. Being greener to the enviroment is becoming more and more important. I am a supporter of CPAW (Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society) and try to incorportate a greener way of living at home and abroad. I don't believe that you need to buy something new all the time, buying a quality products at the outset will result in less chemicals and pollutants and will keep the enviroment strong and healthy. I can't help but think that healthy living is becoming more and more important... I didn't know this until just recently and have made some changes in my lifestyle. I will have some links and articles in my web page so that you too can help be a earth friendly individual to the enviroment. I also will provide as much information to you via email instead of mailing. Sometimes it is just the best way of providing information.